About American Wood Council

Last Updated September 3rd, 2015

The American Wood Council (AWC) is the voice of North American wood products manufacturing, representing over 75 percent of an industry that provides approximately 400,000 men and women with family-wage jobs. AWC members make products that are essential to everyday life from a renewable resource that absorbs and sequesters carbon. Staff experts develop state-of-the-art engineering data, technology, and standards for wood products to assure their safe and efficient design, as well as provide information on wood design, green building, and environmental regulations. AWC also advocates for balanced government policies that affect wood products. 

American Wood Council Mission Statement

To increase the use of wood by assuring the broad regulatory acceptance of wood products, developing design tools and guidelines for wood construction, and influencing the development of public policies affecting the use and manufacture of wood products.

Programs That Advance the Industry

To help ensure a robust marketplace for wood products, encourage sensible environmental regulation, and advocate that wood is the superior choice in green building, AWC is focused in three distinct areas where the industry’s collective efforts have secured significant achievements and continue to set high goals for future progress.

  • Building Codes and Standards
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Green Building

Additional Outside Resources:  www.awc.org

Article Author: American Wood Council​


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